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2019 NFL Draft Grades:

Let me just start off by saying that I think the Panthers did an amazing job in the draft! They addressed most all of their needs and filled out our depth pieces as well. This draft will include the undrafted free agents we signed also. Here we go:

Round 1 Pick 16: Brian Burns DE

This was a great pick by all means. The Panthers got a pass-rushing speed demon to pair with Mario Addison. Burns has great bend and swim move to get away from opponents. He has the ability and agility to stand up as a linebacker but also get down in the dirt. This is a great pick because we helped two positions in one pick. A young pass rush is something we've been lacking for the past few years. I'm excited to see him in preseason.

I give this pick an A.

Round 2 Pick 37: Greg Little OT

This was also a good pick to upgrade our offensive line for the upcoming season. However, I don't know if the trade was necessarily the best idea. I believe there would have been a good chance that we could get him at 47. Anyways, Little is a great player who has played against top talent his whole football career. He even protected Kyler Murray's blindside in high school. Greg Little could truly be our franchise tackle.

I give this pick an B+.

Round 3 Pick 100: Will Grier QB

I ain't no Cam hater, but I think this was a great value pick for the Panthers. Yeah, I really wanted them to get a safety to compete with Gaulden, but Grier is no slacker. He had the second-best rating by Pro Football Focus, only behind Kyler Murray, the No.1 overall pick. I like the swagger that Will brings to the field. His play style and swag reminded experts of Baker Mayfield. If he's that good, he could definitely be our starter in about 5 or 6 years, depending on how long Cam's shoulder holds up.

I give this pick an A- for the value and upside.

Round 4 Pick 115: Christian Miller LB/DE

I like this pick because of his hybrid play. Christian Miller can participate in a rotational role with Brian Burns and Bruce Irvin at DE, while also in a rotation with Jermaine Carter Jr, Bruce Irvin, and Brian Burns at linebacker. Also, Christian Miller has played against and with NFL-ready talent playing at the University of Alabama. The only negative is that he had injuries all throughout his college career, so there may be a durability issue.

I give this pick an A-.

Round 5 Pick 154: Jordan Scarlett RB

This pick was probably my least favorite just because there were better running backs available like Elijah Holyfield, who we picked up as an undrafted free agent later. If Holyfield doesn't show up, then Scarlett could be the bruising downhill runner to complement McCaffrey. I do think this pick may have been an indication of the owner change, since Richardson wouldn't have let someone with off-field issues join the team.

I give this pick a C+, as there were better players available.

Round 6 Pick 212: Dennis Daley OT

I think this pick was a good value pick to fill out our tackle depth. He hasn't played against many elite defensive lines in college, but he manhandled Clelin Ferrell, the No. 4 pick from Clemson. This pick also was approved by Rivera because he comes from a military background.

I give this pick an B-.

Round 7 Pick 237: Terry Godwin WR

Terry Godwin was named the MVP of the East-West Shrine Game, hauling in 2 TDs and over 100 yards. He has good hands and a similar build to Curtis Samuel and DJ Moore at 5'11. Depending on his play, he could slide into the 6th wide receiver spot. At Georgia, players catch without gloves in practice, so they can learn to catch better and easier with gloves.

I give this pick a B.

Undrafted Player #1: Elijah Holyfield RB

This is an amazing player to pick up undrafted, as he has the mindset to not give up. As we call it, Keep Pounding! He averaged more than 5 yards per carry, and is a ground-and-pound style running back. He could be the perfect back to pair with Christian.

I give this pickup a A.

Undrafted Player #2: Corrion Ballard S

Ballard will probably be a camp body, but could provide depth behind Rashaan Gaulden if needed. He had okay stats at Utah, but we also got the best wide receiver in franchise history from Utah, so he might be good.

I give this pickup a C.

Undrafted Player #3: Damion Jean-Pierre WR

Damion will be nothing but a camp body as we have plenty of wide receivers to choose from already. He may make the 90-man roster though.

I give this pickup a D.

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