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2022 Panthers Squad Bringing 2015 Vibes?

Before anyone overreacts, this is all fun and games; I am only attempting to draw a fun parallel between the two teams. In no way am I saying that I think the Panthers will go to the Superbowl, although that would be a nice surprise. Anyways, let's resume:

After only his third team practice, Baker Mayfield has brought an edge to training camp--- something that his teammates have picked up on, most notably team leader (and presumed captain) Shaq Thompson. The veteran linebacker chuckled as he recalled the remarks made by the former OU QB, saying, "I love a QB who talks trash. That's how Cam was in 2015 going at TD."

The former Washington Husky defender was a rookie during Carolina's Superbowl run, part of a locker room that was no stranger to big personalities: Cam Newton, Josh Norman, and Tre Boston, to name a few. The exciting mix of character and talent on the roster was part of what made the team so fun to watch. Every training camp report included the jovial trash talk between Davis and Newton. The hope is that Baker Mayfield (& maybe Donte Jackson?) can bring similar energy back to Bank of America Stadium that has been missing.

During his time with the Browns, the former Heisman trophy winner amassed over 14,000 yards, 92 TD, 56 INT, and more as seen below:

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Baker's flamboyant personality helped revive a Cleveland fanbase that had not seen a winning season since 2007. Even with a lackluster 2021 season after sustaining multiple injuries (torn labrum, fraying in the non-throwing shoulder), the former Sooner has shown plenty of promise to bounce back as evidenced by his 2020 campaign.

Only time will tell if the 2022 Panthers can come close to replicating the success of the 2015 squad (I presume they likely won't), but you can't deny that the energy is there. I'm really excited for this season, and I hope the rest of y'all are too!

What are your expectations for the team this year? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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