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Darnell Washington (Tight end, Georgia) 2023 NFL Draft Profile

Brett Davis-USA Today

Position: Tight End

College: Georgia

Class: Junior

Height: 6'7

Weight: 265 lbs

Pro Comp: Idk man, bro's just built different


Darnell Washington played high school football at Desert Pines High School in Las Vegas. As a five star recruit coming out of high school, Washington committed to the University of Georgia to play college football.

As a freshman, Washington had 7 receptions for 166 yards. In his second year, he had 9 receptions for 145 yards and got his first career touchdown.

Washington's third season saw him record 28 receptions for 454 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Washington won 2 CFP Championships at his time with Georgia. He declared for the NFL draft as a junior on January 12.

2022 season stats:

28 receptions, 454 yards, 2 touchdowns, 16.2 average

The Good

-Combination of size and speed makes for the ultimate mismatch problem

-Not easy to bull rush in pass protection

-Quickness also makes it difficult for speed rushers to get by in pass protection

-Nasty run blocker

-Great ability to block in open space; seals edge on the outside well

-Versatility to line up at fullback, slot and on the outside

-Flashed ability to make contested catches

-Strong runner, hard to bring down

-Able to find soft spots in zone

The Bad

-Small sample size as a receiver


-Can struggle to track the ball in the air


Darnell Washington is one of the most intriguing players in the 2023 NFL draft. At 6'7, Washington has great size for a tight end, but also has solid speed for his size, making him a potential matchup problem.

Washington, as you might expect, is a strong runner who is tough to bring down. He also flashed the ability to make contested catches, giving him the tools to be a great red zone threat.

But Washington's biggest strength currently is his incredible blocking ability. He has the versatility to block at tight end, full back, or in the slot. He is too strong to get overpowered as a blocker, but also too quick for defenders to run around.

Washington showed flashes of being a dominant receiver at Georgia, but he only has a small sample size. He was primarily utilized as a blocker in college and did not get too many opportunities catching the ball.

Washington's inexperience is on full display sometimes. He does have drops and also can struggle to track the ball in the air. Despite this, Washington has a nice floor to be a quality blocking tight end with upside to become a quality receiving tight end.

Draft Value: Early 2nd Round

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