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Introducing The Panthers Prowler's Social Media Platforms for 2022 & Beyond!

Ever since I dreamed of having a sports blog centered around my favorite football team, I knew that it had to be integrated into social media. As of January 2022, over half (58.4%) of the world population uses some sort of social media (Chaffey). I'm introducing these accounts in the hopes that I can get more site traffic and get Panthers fans excited about the upcoming season!

Twitter: The Päńthêrś Prøwłêr (@panthers_price)

Following my Twitter account means that you will see more of the personal side of me as a passionate member of the Panthers fanbase! I frequently interact with friends and followers to create healthy discussion around the latest breaking news concerning Carolina or other teams across the league. I've seen tremendous growth through my account over the last few years, and I'm so glad to be a part of the community there!

P.S. Panthers Twitter can get extremely toxic at times, so be sure to take a break every once in a while 😅 . Prioritize your mental health y'all ;)

Instagram: The Päńthêrś Prøwłêr (@the_panthers_prowler)

Along with my Facebook page, my Instagram account was just launched a couple days ago. Follow along to receive the latest posts as they are published to my blog!

Facebook: The Panthers Prowler (@thepanthersprowler)

While my Facebook account is going to be providing much of the same content as Instagram, I hope to provide a unique perspective for my audience there!

Another way you can reach me is through email at Leave any feedback or comments below! I'm so excited to have you with me on this journey!


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