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Mock Draft Friday: 6 Days Till Draft!

Time for another mock draft? We're doing a countdown until the NFL Draft with a mock draft each day! so, tune in at sometime each day to find more approaches the Panthers could take next in this year's draft. This mock draft was done using NFL Mock Draft Database.

Round 1 Pick 7: Derrick Brown DL Auburn

Now, let's not overthink this. Brown was the most physically imposing and dominating defensive lineman in college football last season. I mean, look at this picture at Auburn's pro day, and tell me we're not getting him :)

Anyways, a lot of people are describing him as a nose tackle. However, Auburn ran a 4-3 defense last season and Brown flourished there. I think with Phil Snow's "multiple" defense, we could see both formations. It's important to use your player's best traits to your advantage, and I think Brown's is his versatility. Derrick is very explosive off the snap, and has long arms to bat the football down at the line of scrimmage. For what it's worth, Mel Kiper Jr. has Brown as the third best player in the draft.

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