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Mock Draft Sunday: 4 Days Till Draft!

Time for another mock draft? We're doing a countdown until the NFL Draft with a mock draft each day! So, tune in at sometime each day to find more approaches the Panthers could take next in this year's draft. This mock draft was done using NFL Mock Draft Database.

Round 1 Pick 12: Javon Kinlaw DL South Carolina

Panthers receive picks #12, #19; Raiders receive #7, #69, 2021 3rd

Kinlaw is arguably the best interior defensive line in this year's draft, with Brown being a superior run defender and Kinlaw having the better pass rushing skillset. KK Short and Kinlaw would make a great duo on the front lines of the Carolina defense. This is a great pick to make after trading down with the Raiders for their two first round picks. The Panthers met with Kinlaw at the Senior Bowl, so they definitely have some interest in him. With this pick, the Panthers not only take the best defensive player available, but also fill one of their biggest needs.

Round 1 Pick 19: Jordan Love QB Utah State

Panthers receive #12, #19; Raiders receive #7, #69, 2021 3rd

After many reports coming out today that the Panthers have done "serious research" on Jordan Love, they select the most polarizing quarterback to be their potential franchise quarterback down the road. Remember the last time the Panthers took the most polarizing player in the draft? They took Cam Newton, and the rest was history. Now, Love is someone that needs to sit for at least a year and absorb knowledge from coaches and teammates in order to become a better product on the field. I can't think of a more intriguing fit in backing up Teddy Bridgewater. After throwing 17 interceptions last year, Love certainly needs some more help in decision making. Bridgewater is one of the most conservative throwers in the NFL. He limits his picks and throws the ball away if there isn't an option there. Love is very aggressive, and likes to sling the rock into risky situations. However, underneath all those imperfections, is a gem. When the game is on the line, Love pulls through. Since 2018, he is 5-2 in one possession games. With the right coaching, I have to believe that Rhule, Brady, and Peetz can develop this guy into our franchise quarterback.

Round 2 Pick 38: Jeremy Chinn S Southern Illinois

Chinn is one of those "positionless players" that Matt Rhule has mentioned in interviews. He can play safety, linebacker, and maybe even corner. With comparisons being made to Vikings All-Pro safety Harrison Smith, Chinn definitely has lots of potential, and it's up to Phil Snow to unearth it. He is crazy athletic with the "speed for sharper angles." After this pick, the Panthers might be able to fill two needs: safety and linebacker. He has the height to cover tight ends, but the speed to cover running backs and receivers. If Isaiah Simmons isn't available in the 1st round, Chinn would be a home run pick in the 2nd.

Round 4 Pick 113: Michael Ojemudia CB Iowa

I like Ojemudia in the 4th because of his length, potential, and size. He is a bend don't break corner, with the ability to limit big play opportunities on the back end. Though not used much in a press scheme, it would highlight his length and ability to disrupt the pass. Even though he's unlikely to become our No. 1 corner, it's possible because of Donte Jackson's noted struggles last year and also due to his size and long arms. Ojemudia is worth it as a developmental prospect in the 4th round.

Round 5 Pick 148: Casey Toohill LB Stanford

Toohill is an extremely athletic player, who tied with Isaiah Simmons and Willie Gay Jr as the highest athleticism score for draft-eligible linebackers. He could be used much like Marquis Haynes and Christian Miller have been off the edge. The Draft Network's Benjamin Solak tweeted, "in terms of rush/cover ability on late downs, he 's solid." Toohill has apparently been a busy guy during the draft process, having met with 20+ teams, including the Carolina Panthers. He will be a nice depth guy with some potential off the edge.

Round 5 Pick 152: Reggie Robinson III CB Tulsa

While NFL analyst Lance Zierlein isn't particularly high on this prospect, the rest of the draft world seems to like Robinson's potential as a Day Three possibly Day Two guy in the draft this Thursday. Robinson has nice speed and athleticism at 6'1 205 lbs, and can excel in man coverage. He is gonna be another interesting guy for the Panthers with a lot of upside in the 5th round where he probably won't slide come draft day.

Round 6 Pick 184: Jared Pinkney TE Vanderbilt

The Panthers may look to move on from blocking tight end Chris Manhertz, so Pinkney could represent a solid No.2 in front of Seth DeValve and behind Ian Thomas. Pinkney has been used as h-back with unreal athleticism, ball skills, and YAC ability. He might be able to contribute some in blocking, but his true upside is as a pass-catching tight end.

Round 7 Pick 221: Mykal Walker LB Fresno State

Walker posssesses nice instincts and awareness for the position, and nice size. Mykal could be an intriguing option as a backup, but his stiff movements may prevent him from a starting role. Because of his ability as a special teamer, Walker might find a spot on the final 53.

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