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Panthers sign BYU WR Micah Simon

After attending Zach Wilson's pro day, wide receiver Micah Simon caught the eye of the Panthers front office after running a 4.34 40 time. Simon should look to add more speed, toughness, and hard work to the team and overall wide receiving core after the loss of Curtis Samuel. Having never eclipsed 616 yards, he's likely a depth option for the Panthers but an intriguing one nonetheless.

Conspiracy Theory

While it was really BYU's pro day, most if not all attention was drawn to QB Zach Wilson. Perhaps the signing was a hint by the Panthers to the fanbase, to stay excited for a future franchise stud coming to Carolina. Maybe David Tepper has had enough with the quarterback situation during his tenure as owner, and swings big with a likely overpaid trade for pick #2. The New York Jets would get a boatload of picks with the possibility to move back up to #4 in order to still secure their long-term quarterback.

It has been previously reported that the Panthers don't love the QB options after Lawrence and Wilson, so it could be likely however realistic or non-realistic it could be. Even if it's nothing, it's something to think about.

What are your thoughts on Micah Simon? My conspiracy theory? Leave your thoughts below.

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