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Takeaways from the Panthers thrilling win in LA

Panthers recorded sacks!

After two weeks with no sacks and one QB hit, the Panthers came busting out of the gate ready to pin their ears after Justin Herbert. In the first drive, Marquis Haynes brought the rookie signal caller down to the ground. I don't think anyone thought Haynes would record the first one on the season. Brian Burns struck with his first strip sack in the second drive, allowing the Panthers offense to take over. Overall, the defense would have 2 sacks, 7 QB hits and quite a few pressures.

Robby Anderson could be the No. 1 receiver

Though many presumed DJ Moore as the Panthers' #1 receiver, Robby Anderson has been consistent each game. This week he hauled in 5 receptions for 55, which was still pretty good considering he was playing against Pro-bowler Chris Harris Jr the majority of the game. I'm loving the Robby Anderson pickup from free agency. This was a great pickup by Hurney and Co.

Mike Davis and Co. filled in nicely for Christian McCaffrey

Mike Davis, the main running back, provided Panthers fans with a nice glimpse at the men playing behind CMC. Reggie came in and provided a spark to get the running game going, with 2 rushes for 16 yards. In fact, I think it would be smart for the staff to use them more often once McCaffrey returns to the backfield because it was fun to watch them. Davis had a nice game for a backup, ending up with a combined 91 yards from scrimmage.

Joey Slye performed very nicely for us

Slye finished 5/5 of field goals and has started to prove he can be the long term kicker for the Panthers. I've been very satisfied with him and his performances so far. He also got in a tackle on the return. He said in his press conference that if he doesn't get a touchback, then he wants to tackle the returner and that's exactly what happened. That swole kicker is good!

JJ Jansen for MVP

It's usually not good when a long snapper gets his name called but this time was a rare exception. Jansen arguably made one of the most important plays in the game. His catch at the one yard line stopped the Chargers from starting on the 25. Nice play for the longest tenured Panther on the roster!

The Panthers aren't pleased with their tight end group

They are either not satisfied with the players in their tight end group or Brady's offense doesn't call for much involvement from the Panthers. Thomas and Manhertz have either been blocking or Teddy looks them off wide open. The staff needs to involve the tight end group.

Matt Rhule collects his first win of the new era

Matt Rhule has shown that his rebuild is ahead of schedule and also shown that he can compete while rebuilding. The grit that the Panthers showed in this game let the NFL know that they should watch out for Matt Rhule's Panthers. We'll see what Rhule and Co. cooks up against Arizona.

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