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Takeaways from Week Two Loss against the Brady Bunch

Teddy Bridgewater cannot turn the ball over

In the first half alone, Teddy threw a pick and was strip-sacked and gave up a fumble to the Bucs. This is unacceptable for any quarterback. He simply gave up too many turnovers for us to win the game. However, he did throw for 300+ yards, slinging the ball a combined 17 times to star receivers DJ Moore and Robby Anderson. I expect a better performance next week in LA by Teddy.

Burris and Chinn can cover tight ends

Burris has been a very underrated signing by the front staff, as he limited Waller to 45 yards last week, and held the trio of Gronk, Howard, and Brate to one catch for 11 yards. Chinn's athletic ability has proven very useful as his height weight speed has proven to be effective in getting to the ball and tackling with sound fundamentals. They face a tough challenge against the young but oft-injured Hunter Henry with the Chargers in Week Three. Only time will tell how good they are.

Mike Davis showed himself capable of holding the RB2 spot

After seeing Christian McCaffrey limp off the field following his second touchdown of the game, Panthers fans were biting their nails in anxious worry for their superstar. Meanwhile, on the field, Mike Davis started earning that $3 million cap hit that many were frustrated about. He showed the pass-catching talent and running between the tackles that provided a nice change of pace back from Christian McCaffrey. I think the running back change actually helped move the offense down the field near the end of the game.

Robby Anderson and DJ Moore went off!

These receivers had a great game for the most part, both recording over 100 yards. I think Anderson has already proven that the front office made a good move in bringing in Robby for at least the next two years. He has been very reliable and been able to make big plays whoever he plays. After a disappointing first week, DJ bounced back with some crucial catches in order to keep us competing in the game. These two will face a tough task ahead facing the Chargers corners, which consist of Casey Hayward, Chris Harris, and Desmond King.

The Bucs are the only team that can stop CMC

Somehow, Todd Bowles is the only guy who knows how to contain Christian McCaffrey, limiting him to 59 rushing yards and 29 receiving. He did punch in two touchdowns though, which were the only scores the Panthers got in this game. On McCaffrey's 2nd one, he walked to the sidelines limping. We should find out the severity of the injury sometime this week.

A Matt Rhule-led Panthers doesn't give up when there is time on the clock

Even with a lot of messy plays committed by the Panthers, they were still in the game before Leonard Fournette's 46 rushing touchdown. Teddy Bridgewater had moved the ball down the field relatively quickly, though time management has, at times been an issue for this team. On the final drive, there was a nice shot down the field to DJ. If time was not a factor, we might've been able to pull out a win.

Though a messy game full of turnovers, it was still pretty interesting to watch the young bucks play their tails off! What were your thoughts on the game? Leave your comments below.

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