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What Players Could Panthers Target on Day 2?

While the Panthers currently possess no picks on Day 2 of the draft, there are plenty of high-profile players left on both sides of the ball. Last night, Scott Fitterer said that "We'll look at every opportunity tomorrow. There are some ways we can do it, but we just have to figure out is it the right way, is this what's best for the Panthers long term? There's a lot of talks that will happen with Matt, myself, Mr. Tepper, and our crew but we have not got to that point yet."

So, what players could be available at this point if they do decide to trade up? It's important to note that Fitterer also wanted to protect future picks, so it's more likely they trade a player and a later draft pick to get to their desired spot.

Let's start with the obvious: Quarterbacks

Day 1 ended with only Kenny Pickett going to Pittsburgh, the rest of the signal-callers sliding into the second or third round. Malik Willis, Desmond Ridder, Matt Corral, and Sam Howell are still available for the time being. At some point in the draft process, all of these names were connected to Carolina.

You do have to wonder why they slid but Willis has such an intriguing skill set that I think you have to pull the trigger if you're Scott Fitterer. Offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo was quoted saying that when he selects QBs, he's a "swing for the fences kind of guy." Everything seems to be pointing to an infatuation with the Liberty QB but it remains to be seen what the front office would be willing to relinquish in a potential trade.


The Panthers have desperately needed an enforcer in the middle ever since Luke Kuechly hung up his cleats. Needless to say, Damien Wilson is not cutting it. Chad Muma is an extremely talented linebacker that should go early-to-mid round 2 right around the same area as Nakobe Dean seems to have slid.

Also available at the linebacker position would be Christian Harris, Troy Andersen, Leo Chenal, Brian Asamoah, Darrius Beavers, etc.


In his last press conference, Phil Snow mentioned his desire to add another safety to the mix. With his 3-3-5 defense, Carolina might want an upgrade at the third safety spot alongside Jeremy Chinn and Xavier Woods. They could look at former Baylor safety Jalen Pitre who has been quite underrated through the draft process, Jaquan Brisker from Penn State, or target someone later on Day 3 like Markquese Bell from Utah.

Will the Panthers watch Day Two go by without making a move? I just have a feeling they will trade up for someone, potentially a QB, linebacker, or even safety. What do you think? Leave your comments below.

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