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Welcome to the Panthers Prowler, a place where diehard Carolina Panthers fans can gather and share their thoughts and ideas surrounding the latest team news. Meet your owner and blog writers below: 


Jocelyn, site owner & founder

Hey everyone! I'm so glad you've decided to join my journey as a writer; football has been ingrained in my Sunday afternoon routine since I was a little kid. Growing up in the Carolinas afforded me the chance to watch Cam Newton, one of the most electric playmakers to enter the league in the past ten years. His big personality and obvious love for the game made me fall in love with the sport and I haven't stopped since; it's just been a little more difficult given the departure of key roster pieces.

Heading into my senior year of high school, I hope to pursue a venture in sports media in the form of either sports journalism or graphic design. I created this blog 3 years ago with the hopes of building a brand for diehard Panthers fans; I can't wait for what lies ahead for The Panthers Prowler!

"One pinky. One finger. One thumb. One love." #iykyk



blog writers

Kelli Blackburn

Hi! I'm Kelli Blackburn, and I've been a Panthers fan for 17 years of my life. While my dad grew up a Washington fan, he became a fan of Carolina as soon as they were established in 1995 and made sure I grew up a fan as well. We've been PSL owners for two seasons now and love getting to interact with other fans.

Some more facts about me is that I love to travel and I also do some drawings in my free time; I have an Instagram to share my work and my user is @kellidrawss if you'd like to connect with me on there!

I joined this site because I am working to become a sports journalist and felt as if this opportunity would be the best way to do that and talk about the team that I love most.

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Josiah Sumner

I'm a junior in high school and a Panthers fan from New England. I became a fan at the age of 10, having looked at the television, saying, "I like the colors of that team's jerseys; they are going to be my new favorite team." I've been stuck with the Cardiac Cats ever since.

I love being able to talk about football, especially the Carolina Panthers, which is why I started writing for this blog.


Grant Sturdivant

Hey, my name is Grant Sturdivant. I'm a high school senior currently living in Alabama but all my favorite professional teams are based in the Carolinas except for baseball (Atlanta Braves). I've been a Panthers fan for almost ten years now, ever since 4th grade when I started playing football. I chose the Panthers mainly because I was from North Carolina but also because of Cam Newton.


Why did I join this site? I think this is is a great place for me to get back into my rhythm in writing as this is a great place to talk Carolina, meet new people and overall, just have fun! 

New Writer Coming Soon!

podcast team

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Peyton Carpenter

I'm currently a junior in high school. I love football in general but especially my Carolina Panthers. I was born in Rock Hill, SC so I grew up around a ton of Panthers fans, including my dad, and it rubbed off on me. I'm currently trying to get ahead for college in which I want to study psychology.

I wanted to join because it is a great opportunity for me to get to know the rest of the fanbase more and to just provide my insight into the state of the Panthers.

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